Our Crazy Stories

Some people suggest that insurance isn’t the legal profession’s most dynamic or exciting practice. We thoroughly disagree. We believe insurance is at the epicenter of business. It’s the grease that lubricates the wheels of industry. If not for the insurance industry, nothing would get built, made, bought, or sold.

And the disputes can be fascinating. These are just a few examples of the crazy issues we handle at the Novak Law Offices. Of course, we may not handle policies relating to pirates, pistols, or pitchers every day, but our firm’s policy is to provide the most-strategic insight and analysis for our important clients on every issue, every time.



A merchant vessel was captured but when the claim was settled, the insurance company required an executed Proof of Loss to complete the “transaction.” However, the party receiving the payment (i.e. the kidnaper) was located on a small boat in the middle of an ocean, and did not have a pen. A second air drop of the policy proceeds was arranged a week later and the executed proof of loss was obtained.




A major league baseball pitcher with 15 years in the majors blew out his pitching elbow and had “Tommy John” surgery. Although the surgery was successful, the pitcher never returned to a major league roster. He filed a disability claim seeking benefits, contending that his injury ended his career. At the time, he was approaching 40 years old.




An auto policy was cancelled for non-payment of premium. Six months later, the driver was involved in an early-morning car accident. Five hours after the accident, the driver went to his agent’s office and purchased an auto insurance policy. A week later, he submitted a claim for the accident. The policy was deemed rescinded.