The lawyers at Novak Law Offices focus on results. In addition to creating superior tactical strategies with an eye toward managing costs, we also assist our clients in product development and risk analysis.

Novak Law Offices represents cedents and reinsurers in the United States and London. Our mix of creativity and experience produce unique strategies and insights into handling complicated questions of allocation, aggregation and related problems arising out of long-tail liability business. Prevalent among these problems is the complications created by the rash of non-products asbestos bodily injury claims that have emerged following the exhaustion of per occurrence product aggregates.

Representative issues we have recently considered include:

• Follow the fortunes
• Non-products asbestos allocation and aggregation issues
• Retention and blended retention issues
• Declaratory judgment expenses

Reinsurance disputes often involve unique and unresolved questions of law that place a premium on creative legal work and innovative resolutions. Our understanding of the industry, custom and practice and our relationships with arbitrators and opposing counsel allow us to develop strategies and produce effective and efficient results for our clients.

Insurers in the United States and London rely on Novak Law Offices to resolve complex casualty claims. Our attorneys enhance existing and develop new legal strategies to provide thorough and excellent analyses of our client’s policies. We are constantly reviewing and evaluating coverages under various wordings of primary, umbrella and excess liability forms. We not only provide coverage opinions and related litigation support for declaratory judgment actions, but also counsel our clients on revisions to existing wordings and the drafting of new wordings to keep pace with decisional case law and statutory enactments.

Insurers look to us for advice in a wide variety of claims, including:

• Advertising injury claims
• Bad faith claims
• Commercial disparagement claims
• Construction defect claims
• Invasion of privacy claims
• Personal injury claims

Novak Law Offices has broad experience in handling a wide range of coverage issues involving commercial and individual property policies. We have advised clients with respect to numerous property claims across the country including those arising out of catastrophic events to the tsunami in Japan. Our experience and analytic abilities provide us with the tools to identify and develop the most efficient resolution strategies which result in outstanding results and significant savings for our clients.

Representative coverage issues include analysis of various policy exclusions, valuation theories, co-insurance problems, and compliance with various policy conditions. We have also handled cases in jurisdictions with unique property statutes such as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Hawaii.

Novak Law Offices represents multiple Lloyd’s Syndicates who underwrite health and disability products across North America. We assist our clients in providing claims advice on small matters to defending or prosecuting complex litigation involving complicated underwriting and medical related issues. We are also keenly astute at spotting inconsistencies, errors, omissions and other issues found in applications which often lead to rescission claims.